Biometrics in Digital Signage

Since I first saw “Minority report” I was dreaming the day that this would happen. Iris  scan and the triggering of  a Digital Signage system, producing an ad for me. Ok this is Science fiction, not because of the technologie but in respect of  the personal data involved, or at least I thought tha this was a problem.

Hitachi developed a venting machine where you pay by using your veins.

Hitachi’s proprietary biometric authentication system requires that users first register an account (probably linking their vein pattern to a credit card), but it allows one to purchase, say, a delicious can of green tea or icy cold black coffee by inserting a cautious hand into a machine for a quick scan.

Of course, the system exploits your identity a bit in the process, using age and gender information on file to display an appropriate video ad while you enjoy your refreshment.

I know that japanese people are very sensitive with their personal data, but I can’t understand how Hitachi’s product will satisfy advertisers and the need of not exploiting customers personal data.

MSN News via CrunchGear via Gizmodo


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