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Ted Talks are famous because of the innovative part of them. In the following talk, David Merill shows his computerized tiles that you can stack and shuffle in your hands. They can do math, play music and talk to their friends, as he says. So our quest is to find another use of these remarkable Siftables.

What’s on your mind?

an old 19 inch prototype oled panel from LG

an old 19 inch prototype oled panel from LG

As LG announced today, next month the company will be ready to unveil the largest commercial model until now. The 15-incher will officially début at the IFA 2009 show in Berlin, LG execs told Reuters, after which it will sell first in Korea before making its way overseas sometime after November.

Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AM-OLED) displays, which use self-glowing materials, have better picture quality, consume less power and are thinner than widely used liquid crystal displays (LCD) that need backlight units. The didn’t became popular, mostly because of the financial crisis, since there not cheap.

LG didn’t say anything about the price of the model so we have to wait.

(via Reuters via Gizmodo)

Update : You can find a set of photo’s from the product in Engadget.

Sometime ago I saw an interesting article about the new 360 Muni bus stop that the city of San Francisco  plans to build by  2013.

The stops, which should cost around $30,000, may seem expensive, but they’ll be pretty energy-efficient. The energy not used by the stops will be fed into the city’s power grid, and the stops themselves will use LED lighting, nearly four and a half times more efficient than the current fluorescent.

Now I saw also in You tube the advertising concept of the Installation, by Clear Channel. It’s simple and it’s brilliant. That’ why they earned another 20 bus stop from SF Municipality.

Being a Digital Signage company in Greece means that everyday we have to educate our potential customers about digital signage. Following sites like Dailydooh, or OoH-tv or Digital Signage Today, was giving as the impression that the market is mature in USA, Asia or in other European countries.

This was over today when we found the following video where Timur Y. Ruban, president of Radical Computing Corporation, is introducing his company products but also he is trying to explain the ABC’s of Digital Signage in Fox channel business show !!! In this in a show on July 2009.

So I don’t think that the market is so mature as the press releases suggest.

Maybe it is more mature than Greece but we must, in this case, to define what mature means.

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more about “Smart Signs: Changing How You Shop on…“, posted with vodpod

Is it? I don’t no. Maybe no but still, it’s a clever aproach and still it could be used for other purposes, except telling the time.

Not only does QLOCKTWO tell the time in English, but also German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French.  The clock will be available in six flavors and should cost a steep €1099 (about $1600). The front is made of Acrylic glass with polished edges and LEDs,  and the body is crafted in wood with four layers of lack. It automatically translates to summer/winter daylight-savings time and comes with a light sensor that takes care of the ambient light and features a manual brightness control.

There is also a explenatory video for the German speaking audience, since the clock, which depends on words and not in numbers is the projects of Biergert & Funk

[via Engadget]

Do you remember, some days ago our post about the Huge display in Dallas Cowboys Stadium?

So on Friday we had an incident which will, maybe, cost about $2 mil. to the team. As you can see in the following video, the Godzillatron became part of the game.

Nobody could imagine that a ball could reach so high. So when Titans punter AJ Trapasso hit the screen, none of the officials knew quite what to do. It’s not a reviewable play, but even if it were, it’s not really fair to make a team waste a challenge on interference from the stadium which is entirely not the team’s fault.

The only choice, so that the screen won’t interupt the game again is either the NFL to change it’s rule so that a situation like this would have a solution or that the Cowboys owners could raise the screen to be out of the ball’s flight path, but that would cost at least $2 million.

Don’t blame the medium, blame the people who haven’t thought of it. Keep installing displays, but try to plan better 🙂

Update 31/08/2009: NFL to let Cowboys giant HD scoreboard stay as-is, at least for 2009 (via Engadget)