Long forgotten survey

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A long forgotten survey of the students of a private held vocational training school in Athens has recently being discovered from our team. Even though the survey was held by students and only in shops that already had a form of digital signage, in Athens, their conclusions are interesting.

We couldn’t found the file of the survey, probably it’s not on Internet, but we have found the press release of the survey here. The press release is dated 29th of September 2008.

It is in Greek, so I will try to translate it.

Main findings

  1. The average time that a consumer stayed inside the stores, where digital media exists is about 35 minutes. The minimum time was measured at the entrance of the stores and the maximum in front of the consumer products.
  2. The consumers are devoting time by watching the new media in an amount of 15%
  3. 21% of the consumers had watched specific ads
  4. The customers are visiting the stores 2 to 3 times per week in a percentage over 50%
  5. A 21% of the customers are buying spontaneous. Their main answers in the question “Why do you buy something in this way” were:
    1. “I saw a product and I remembered that I need it” – 38%
    2. “It was a bargain” – 25%
    3. “I saw it, I liked it, I bought it” – 23%
  6. The consumers do remember the new media, as an installation, and this is happening in a near 52%
  7. The consumers do remember the ads in the new media in a percentage of 41%
  8. Over 60% of the consumers believe that the new media are for the promotion of a product. Customers in an amount of 20% think that it’s just a TV set with TV ads and another 15% sees it as an information system.
  9. Over 51% of the customers believe that this new media is a very efficient method for promoting products, something that a 20% doesn’t share with them.
  10. A 60% believes that the new media are better than the old, posters and other printing material
  11. 22% of the consumers answers that they are influenced by the ads in the new media
  12. 65% of the consumers believe that the new media are useful for their information, especially if they are transmitting audiovisual content.

The Survey profile:

The survey was held during April – May 2008

601 Men and Women 18-45 years of age

Personal interviews in Attica prefecture

Personal observation inside the stores

Maybe the translation is not the best but I think that you can get the meaning. My only question is, if things are like this, why digital signage in Greece is nearly non existent


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