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A very clever campaign from the Lowe Ginkgo Agency in Montevideo, Uruguay. In order to promote New Axe Day & Night they advertised in Magazines the above photo with the blank areas and asked everyone who wanted to see the “big picture” to send an sms  writing Axe to 2345 after 9pm. Then they got back the missing part of the picture and they could complete the image.

Simple brilliant

via Direct Daily


A new concept, at first glance an artistic one, but come to thing of that, it could be a permanent outdoor advertisement surface, is Digital Signage on the roofs of bus shelters in London.


As we read in Ooh-tv :

“Bus-Tops is a proposed installation of approximately 40 1.5m x 1m LED panels on the roofs of bus shelters across all London boroughs. It is one of 5 shortlisted proposal for the Artists Taking The Lead fund, a major project of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad being developed by Arts Council England in partnership with London 2012 and the arts councils of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Bus-Tops installations will display work created by the public. Artists who identify as such but critically it is for absolutely anybody who has a voice and has something to say to people in London. The installations are intended to pleasantly and wonderfully disrupt commuters experience of riding on buses… To jolt us out of our ipod-listening-london-paper-reading habits and inspire joy and wonder in the last place you’d expect it – on the roof of a bus shelter.

The project will run from July 2011 until August 2012 and of course the targets are the commuters in the upper parts of the famous double buses of London. Nice idea but non applicable in countries like Greece where the buses aren’t double.

via Ooh-tv

Do you remember the schematic multitouch wall that we presented in an older post? Now we have something that works

Hard Rock Cafe opened this weekend with a nod to the future of technology in retail environments. Along with some interactive in-booth experiences, some Surface tables , the centerpiece of the technology is our latest 18′ x 4′ multi-user, multi-touch wall.

The display intelligently allocates room for up to 6 users, but if only one or two are using it, they each get half. if a third steps in, the workspace is dynamically allocated.

The obscura digital worked with TechnoMedia Solutions to provide an audio system that allows for true isolated sound for each user. They also collaborated with the Hard Rocks Ad Agency Duncan Channon to maintain brand and style guides. They also buit the in-booth and Surface experiences for the space.