Multi touch Wall in Las Vegas

Do you remember the schematic multitouch wall that we presented in an older post? Now we have something that works

Hard Rock Cafe opened this weekend with a nod to the future of technology in retail environments. Along with some interactive in-booth experiences, some Surface tables , the centerpiece of the technology is our latest 18′ x 4′ multi-user, multi-touch wall.

The display intelligently allocates room for up to 6 users, but if only one or two are using it, they each get half. if a third steps in, the workspace is dynamically allocated.

The obscura digital worked with TechnoMedia Solutions to provide an audio system that allows for true isolated sound for each user. They also collaborated with the Hard Rocks Ad Agency Duncan Channon to maintain brand and style guides. They also buit the in-booth and Surface experiences for the space.


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