Paint it …with Color

We know that we haven’t post anything the past days, but everyday life the past days didn’t let us to work with our blog. We promise you that on November we should post more often since we will be engaged in some very creative projects during the main cultural event in Thessaloniki.

In any case for today we have some good multimedia artists, that maybe there aren’t so much HiTech but for sure there are artists. Sweatshoppe are using a paint roller to paint the walls but also our lives.

Multimedia performers Sweatshoppe have been wheat pasting buildings with moving images all over New York. Mapping video projections to LED-lit paint rollers, Sweatshoppe lay their projections on a surface, paint-stroke by paint stroke. They call new digital performance style “Video Painting“.

Their way looks a little bit old fashioned, but I find the idea of using a paint roller brilliant.

via Gizmodo

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