iPad vs e-newspaper

ipad from Apple

Yesterdays announcement of  Apples iPad had a lot of disappointed people amongst the viewers and the followers of the event. Today there are announcements from  software developer companies that they will develop DS software for the iPAD.

If you ask me I would bet my money on projects like e-newspaper, which, in my book, are by default digital signage oriented. You have people watching infos (news etc.) and in a changing e-newspaper environment so advertising will benefit the most, together with the new form of newspaper.

The LG’s unveiled project is not yet ready to hit the market, but I think that they are in the right way. Colour and video capabilities should boost the product, but still we need some time until we have pictures and situation like teh ones described here, from the Minority Report film.

…in the film, John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is trying to escape from his fellow officers. He boards mass transportation, hoping to lose himself in the crowd. As he enters the train, he is scanned and identified…

…As we look over the shoulder of a passenger on the train, we can see John Anderton rubbing his eyes. Slowly the newspaper comes into focus.

As we watch, the headlines on the USA TODAY newspaper change from “Molecular nano-technology?” and “Medical nanodevice triumphs!” to “Breaking News! Precrime Hunts its Own!”

At least there would be a competition and a new personalized market in Digital Signage Sector


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