ISE 2010

Amsterdam February 2010. The Integrated Systems Europe fair in RAI, Amsterdam, started officially today and we, at Alphavision, have our biggest presence, as visitors. Four of our senior stuff are in Amsterdam  in order to seek new and innovative ideas

Our first, but not last impression was, that this year, people are betting on Avatar. I mean that we saw so many 3d TV Set, even 3D LED that we were waiting James Cameron  to greet us from somewhere. Of course the quality of all those 3d displays wasn’t so good, but we hope for the best.

I wasn’t so amazed by the big LCD screen, based on the 10th generation glass panels from Sharp but I have to give kudos to Mr. Adrian J Cotterill for the idea of the bloggers lounge, something that we haven’t seen in so many big events and for sure not in a fair.

His stands main attraction, is of course the Cristie Microtiles. In the following picture we can see the microtiles in a vertical installation, and from the right side Mr. Cotrelli to pass by.

When we passed through we found out that the people on the lounge and also  Mr. Cotterill where having a tour on microtiles for some visitors. Very good, for Christie.


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