C-nario Announces New Version of Messenger

Tel Aviv, Israel, April 14, 2010 – C-nario, a global provider of digital signage software solutions, today announced C-nario Messenger 3.4 – a significantly enhanced version of the company’s flagship digital signage platform. The new version comprises new
Web tools allowing simple content upload and management – via the Web. In addition, C-nario Messenger 3.4 supports the Windows 7 operating system.

C-nario Messenger is a complete digital signage display, distribution and management software platform that provides better-than-broadcast quality playback in any shape, size and resolution. C-nario Messenger is characterized by its superb multi-display playback engine, as well as its advanced management, monitoring and control tools. In addition, the system is based on open architecture, which makes it easy to customize and adapt to different needs. The system’s innovative content creation tools easily help to create displays and cut costs

The new C–nario Messenger 3.4 comprises new web tools allowing simple content upload, scheduling, approval and delivery. Users can use the new version according to their role and authorization level. The Web tools allow simple access via the Web.

One of the Web tools is C-nario Local Web Editor, which enables local control via the Web over a designated zone in the template/layout. A new permissions module is used to define users, roles and their associated access level. Authorized users can update video, images, text, flash, audio and RSS on pre-defined windows. Users can schedule content and arrange playlists inside accessible windows using a new automated, rule-based scheduling module.

Another new Web application is C-nario Media Manager, which allows remote content uploading and approval via the Web. It turns the entire workflow into an automated process, including automatic distribution/delivery to the selected channel. Non-approved content is deferred until approval

C-nario Messenger 3.4 includes new, improved dynamic media items. The new Slideshow feature presents an easy and intuitive workflow, according to pre-defined image flow, for static and dynamic content, either from C-nario Messenger Library or from any designated local or remote folder

The new Multi Streamer supports a rich set of video streaming, including IP cameras, IP streamers and other standard sources. The new version also allows the integration of full Web pages into the C-nario digital signage system

C-nario Messenger 3.4 includes advanced Web Feed Reader, allowing replacement of video files, based on tags, scripts or low-resolution files. In addition, it can easily parse XML data feeds, using very simple scripting, resulting in a quick and reliable scripting, which leads to a very fast and simple integration of dynamic data feeds.

“The new version of C-nario Messenger extends C-nario’s leadership position in the global digital signage market,” said Yael Elstein, C-nario’s Vice President Marketing. “C-nario Messenger 3.4 demonstrates C-nario’s commitment to its customers in developing simple online tools and features that meet the growing demand of digital signage users for simple content management tools.”

via C-Nario


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