Hacked Kinect taught to work as multitouch interface

Hardware hacking again!! This time is the Xbox Kinect that fell into some hacker hands and like the Wiimote , they made some amazing things. Kinect is naturally a lot more complicated, but there’s also a lot of potential here, and we can’t wait to see what people come up with.

Florian Echtler took that open source driver and hooked the Kinect into his own multitouch UI “TISCH” software library (which actually supports the Wiimote as an input already, funny enough). The result is a bit of MS Surface-style multi-touch picture shuffling and zooming, but it uses full body tracking instead of touchscreen input, of course.Take a look at the video ..


If you have a Mac don’t worry. It has already ported .

Can’t wait for the best things to come!!



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