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It seems that the only limit for kinect is your imagination. The more you have the more you can do with this thing.

This geeks use a little Python and the libfreenect library to offer up a piano keyboard on any flat surface of almost any size.

Here is the video i found on youtube


DaVinci is an App for Microsoft Surface Table.  The creators have ported this to Kinect.

Gestures are used to create objects and control the physics of the environment. Your hands appear in the interface which allows you to literally grab objects out of thin air and move them in the environment. Additional gestures allow you to affect the gravity, magnetism and attraction.

Right now i thing this is the best Kinect usage i have ever seen. Watch the video to understand .

If yes, then you can make your own Predator effect with kinect.

A Japanese coder by the name of Takayuki Fukatsu has exploited the versatile openFrameworks to give Kinect a mode where it tracks your movement and position, but turns the dull details of your visage into an almost perfectly transparent outline. Of course, you’re not actually transparent, it looks to be just the system skinning an image of the background onto the contours of your body in real time, but man, it sure is cool to look at.

It’s very cool effect…