Monthly Archives: January 2011

Microsoft unveiled their new Surface 2 table on Wednesday during their live stream of the keynote press conference. The all new design is much thinner, has improved touch accuracy, and does it all at a faster pace than the previous model.

The Microsoft Surface 2 is only 4-inches thick and uses a new technology developed by Microsoft called PixelSense. The new technology allows for the table to track your every movement and can even read text off a piece of paper.

The new Microsoft Surface 2 promo ad demonstrates the power behind the device with the ability to collaborate on projects, design landscapes in a real-time environment, and even read simple things like a business cards. The table can detect small objects, read barcodes like the original surface can, and detect multiple points of contact.

That’s right — not even CES can stop the endless wave of Kinect hacks. The latest, and one of the more impressive to date, is the so-called “Magic Mirror” developed by Tobias Blum from the Technical University of Munich, which bridges augmented reality with x-ray vision (of sorts). Of course, the “of sorts” is that it doesn’t actually peer through your body to reveal your skeleton (yet), but instead maps a random skeleton from a CT scan onto your frame to create a real-time freakout!!

Check out the video ..