2012: What to expect when you’re expecting digital signage

DigitalSignageToday.com turned to a variety of industry figures for their predictions on what to expect when you’re expecting to work in digital signage in 2012.

  1. Continued emphasis on reaching with digital signage the on-the-go consumer and shopper
  2. Built-in features like QR readers make interaction with screens more user-friendly
  3. Media strategists focus on uniting consumers and shoppers through a completely digital experience will coincide with the acceleration in accountability resulting in escalating advertising budgets for digital out-of-home
  4. Rapid rise in the use of more affordable video walls and higher brightness flat panels up to 3,500 nits
  5. Autostereoscopic 3-D without glasses will begin a slow but steady increase as the technology improves
  6. Interactivity will become the norm, several unique configurations such as the touch table move into the market.
  7. Portable devices will also come into their own, with interactivity between installed networks and both cellphones and tablets
  8. Audience analytics will become more commonplace to evaluate the performance of a system.
  9. Places where people gather or pass by in numbers,  will monetize their displays through various advertising options.
  10. Consolidation and partnerships taking shape in 2012 to help mature the industry into more of a mainstream media.
  11. Retailers will continue to refine their one-on-one relationships with consumers through kiosks using digital signage.
  12. Special deals through Facebook or Twitter — or using a smartphone to scan a digital sign for coupons or other promotions.
  13. Use of digital signage to eliminate printing costs related to in-store advertising and sales, and time loss reacting to market pressures in minutes instead of weeks.
  14. Advertising and marketing will adopt the medium to see how it fits into their plans for clients. But they will choose what they need, not the industry as a solution. Many organizations simply don’t need all the bells and whistles that the industry can provide.
  15. forcing buyers and end users to question the need and seek alternative forms of engagement that may be cheaper and outside the realm of the industry.
  16. customers encouraging advertisers to fully utilize the power of digital billboards.
  17. more use of conditional content (based on triggers like the weather, sports scores, stock quotes, etc.), ads integrating RSS feeds and campaigns that truly take advantage of the technology.
  18. Network deals, particularly large networks, should step up a notch in this year.
  19. Many more deals will come together, several of which may be surprising. Some combinations will be strategic, while others will be born of desperation or convenience.
  20. Transformation in the media planning/aggregation/DSP arena, as agencies, networks and advertisers sort out how to face off against the DOOH space.
  21. Entry of new players into the digital signage space, even as established players are absorbed or simply disappear.
  22. Brands and their agencies are beginning to recognize that the last mile of a multichannel promotional campaign might best be relegated to digital signage networks.
  23. Scale attracts big players, media companies, private equity, brands and online powerhouses turn some attention to DOOH.
  24. Rapid drive of broader-range environments that are finding that they must “bid, compete” for people’s time and attention.Waiting areas, call centres,support organizations, manufacturing operations, offices.
  25. The beginning of industry consolidation in every segment including channel partners.  Too many companies — in every segment — losing money because they have poor process control or the signage area is simply a sideline activity and not part of the company’s main business venture.
  26. The weak, undernourished, under committed organizations will be displaced or absorbed by the industry’s most refined and focused companies.
  27. The digital signage ecosystem will become even more prevalent as a theme for the industry.
  28. Signage overall is becoming much more sophisticated and intelligent. It’s tying into the marketing array more closely and delivering better data to allow more intelligent choices for companies when planning their digital marketing.

see the full article by  Christopher Hall


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