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Potężny Indeksowany Wyświetlacz Oknowy

I know that this words doesn’t mean anything to you… So let”s translate it to English…
Potężny (big) Indeksowany (indexed) Wyświetlacz (display) Oknowy (window-based)

PIWO in Polish means BEER in English, so this abbrevation could be translated as:
Big Enormous Extraordinary R…display 😉

So we combine this

With this…

…and vouala!!

This project is made by a bunch of students of the Wrocław University of Technology and its a non commercial project. They use bulbs from Phillips and micro-controllers to make all this thing work

You can find more information in their official page


Fifty years ago my parents “flew” from their home town in western Macedonia, Greece, in order to have a better future than being shepherds. So now here I am after so many years, having lost my hair in front of computers and being in the business of Digital Signage in Greece, trying to create a market in a struggling with the financial crisis country, to see that I did all wrong. My future is my past. The same past that my family tried to avoid fifty years ago.

One Russian farmer decided to equip his cow barn with Samsung LED TVs.

He is convinced, I don’t know from whom but I want him for my sales department, that cows get more happy and productive if they watch  movies with green pastures. I thought that usually cows rather prefer to be in a green pasture than watch it, but on the other hand I’m a plain project manager.

So he got a non-stop loop of world’s recognized green Swiss Alpine fields and got the most slim lcd tvs on market in Russia and then called the team of workers to install that all.

Now they go into statistics to measure the outcomes. They compare the results from two groups of cows, one is watching tv another is deprived of this humanity most spread entertainment thing.

It is amazing. In a country where lcd’s are not in the houses, yet, the start putting them in the stables.

I’m living in the wrong country.

via Gizmodo via English Russia