Hardware Hacking

That’s right — not even CES can stop the endless wave of Kinect hacks. The latest, and one of the more impressive to date, is the so-called “Magic Mirror” developed by Tobias Blum from the Technical University of Munich, which bridges augmented reality with x-ray vision (of sorts). Of course, the “of sorts” is that it doesn’t actually peer through your body to reveal your skeleton (yet), but instead maps a random skeleton from a CT scan onto your frame to create a real-time freakout!!

Check out the video ..


DaVinci is an App for Microsoft Surface Table.  The creators have ported this to Kinect.

Gestures are used to create objects and control the physics of the environment. Your hands appear in the interface which allows you to literally grab objects out of thin air and move them in the environment. Additional gestures allow you to affect the gravity, magnetism and attraction.

Right now i thing this is the best Kinect usage i have ever seen. Watch the video to understand .

OMG this things come the one after another . This time the Kinect transforms into a powerful 3d Camera. Yes this is true. UC Davis visualization researcher Oliver Kreylos fed the streams from his peripherals infrared and color cameras into a custom program that interpolated and reconstructed the result, generating a mildly mindblowing 3D virtual reality environment he can manipulate at will.

Watch the videos and smile!!

You can also measure virtual objects!!

This is amazing work. The creator of the software¬† use he’s own made toolkit that works under Linux fedora core…

Hardware hacking again!! This time is the Xbox Kinect that fell into some hacker hands and like the Wiimote , they made some amazing things. Kinect is naturally a lot more complicated, but there’s also a lot of potential here, and we can’t wait to see what people come up with.

Florian Echtler took that open source driver and hooked the Kinect into his own multitouch UI “TISCH” software library (which actually supports the Wiimote as an input already, funny enough). The result is a bit of MS Surface-style multi-touch picture shuffling and zooming, but it uses full body tracking instead of touchscreen input, of course.Take a look at the video ..


If you have a Mac don’t worry. It has already ported .

Can’t wait for the best things to come!!